Hi, I'm Danny!

Accessibility Lead, advocate & public speaker

I work as an Accessibility Lead for Nexer Digital, and public speaker.

I am dedicated to making the world more inclusive and equitable for everyone, including people with disabilities. With my years of experience, I help businesses and organisations ensure their products and services are accessible to all.

Danny on stage speaking about accessibility

My approach to accessibility consulting is collaborative and person-centered. I work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop customised solutions that work for them. I also believe in educating clients about the importance of accessibility and how they can incorporate it into their overall business strategy. My professional background includes education as a designer and several years of work in healthcare.

Proud to call myself a member of the Umbraco accessibility community team as well as an Umbraco MVP. Previously been involved in the We4Authors cluster, W3 Silver Community and a Sigma Tomorrow Pilot.

I have worked with organisations such as NHS Digital, BBC, Bupa, Citizens Advice, and Mind. 

If you would like to learn more about me or connect, please visit my blog or reach out to me on social media.


Featured talk

Crafting a better editor experience: Bringing accessibility to life in our authoring tools (Umbraco Together, 2022)



I owe all my inspiration to my wonderful wife, son and dog.